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Finding Gratefulness

So as the holidays approach and Covid numbers rise it becomes quite difficult to find holiday cheer. For most of us, the holidays this year will look very different. Numerous questions linger, with all of us, of how to celebrate our holidays and be safe. Where can and should we go? Where shouldn’t we go?. Emphatically, it is overwhelming to say the least! Where? Oh where! Do we find gratefulness among this chaos!

It seems to me that gratefulness must be found in the little things this year! The smell of a wonderful scent, a crisp evening with a warm fire to sit beside, the laughter of those few (friends or family) that you can celebrate with, the smell of your favorite food. We all have to get more creative this year.

Let this year be the one remembered, where your family made new traditions and memories that will not soon be forgotten.

Not only can we find gratefulness when we focus on all the small things, that we often forget with the rush of the “traditional” holidays, but we can also find hope for the future and joy with the people and opportunities right before us.

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