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Bored in the house, in the house bored?

In the past year many people have spent double or even triple the amount of time at home, unable to leave due to health concerns. During this extended period of time at home many people have felt a decrease in their mental health along with having extreme feelings of “cabin fever”. Cabin fever makes one feel highly isolated and alone while being confined to one place.

There are also many other symptoms of cabin fever, there is a systemic response to this isolation. A few other symptoms include lethargy, lack of motivation, excessive eating, and trouble concentrating.

A key part of coping with cabin fever is to find ways to balance yourself mentally and physically.

One of the ways you can balance your mind is by adding aromatherapy to your selfcare or wellness routine. Just imagine how comforting and grounding it could be if while you are meditating or practicing yoga you light a candle softly scented bergamot to reduce stress and elevate your mood.

There is an assortment of scents that can help you cope with cabin fever. Sage can help increase your alertness to be more productive. Lavender promotes relaxation to decrease stress. Citrus and mint scents can also help energize you. No matter what your personal preference is for scents you can look to aromatherapy for assistance.

Article written by Christina Mahagan, Aromatherapy Contributor for Embrace Candles.

Photo by Oluremi Adebayo from Pexels

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