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Seasonal Candles

Celebrate the Season with Natural Seasonal Candles From Embrace Candles!

Candles have been part and parcel of the homemaking experience for as long as anything else. Originating from ancient Egypt, wicked candles have become more than just a source of light and utility but also of comfort and celebration. Quality seasonal candles and Holiday candles can make even the most mundane room turn into a place of comfort and relaxation. If you are looking for the best seasonal candles on the market, you have come to the right place.

Enjoy Holiday Cheer With Our Stunning Seasonal Candles

For many of us, there is no better time of the year than Fall. Fall scented candles bring about a sense of excitement and invigoration that other seasons just can't match. Whether you enjoy walking through a pumpkin patch or you are dreaming of autumn leaves and the rustic smell of the great outdoors, our Fall scented candles will give you that feeling in a single container with the lighting of a match.

Here at Embrace Candles, we make sure to constantly introduce new seasonal quality candles as the calendar moves. We pour our candles every single week while our aroma expert Sara is constantly researching new blends to provide you with more of the scents that you love. There is never a bad time to come back and see what new seasonal products we've put onto our shelves for your enjoyment!

We already hear what you are saying. What makes our holiday candles better than anyone else in the industry? Why are the products we sell at Embrace Candles worth your time, attention, and hard-earned spending money? We'll answer all of those questions to help you make a better purchase for the house and home.

1) Quality Candles and Ingredients - When you work with Embrace Candles to acquire all of your scented candle needs, you can rest easy knowing that you are burning the best of the best ingredients available. We specialize in working with 100% natural soy wax that has been sourced from within the United States. In addition to the high-quality of our soy wax, we also blend all of our essential oils personally to give you the distinct and unique scents that you deserve.

2) Environmentally Friendly - When you shop at Embrace Candles you are also helping the environment. We carry eco-friendly candles that burn clean thanks to our choice of working material, soy wax. Traditional paraffin wax candles can offer up potential health hazards, so we knew that we wanted to keep paraffin away from our work. Additionally, we use lead-free cotton wicks in all of our candles to make burning a breeze and good for your environment.

3) Room Transformation - We don't want to oversell how much our candles can transform a room, but they absolutely can change the personality of your home! Sometimes the addition of a therapeutic seasonal candle is all you need to feel better and appreciate your space. Our scented seasonal candles bring the joyful scents of Fall to your kitchen or living room.

Finally, we want to highlight the benefits that come with our unique essential oil blends. Thanks to our focus on crafting beneficial self-care candles, our customers can enjoy soothing experiences from the candles in their homes. We use quality essential oils that have shown to be effective at providing calming relaxation. Take a look at our self-care line for a more in-depth selection of choices than our seasonal scents!

Now that you've taken some time to get to know what we do at Embrace Candles, you can start shopping for the perfect product to suit your home. If you have ANY questions regarding our candles, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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