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It's Time for Me-Time

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Often we push ourselves beyond our limits, leaving ourselves feeling mentally fatigued. The lack of time to yourself can cause a build up of resentment that can cause both you and your relationships harm. Knowing this, it's important to not drain oneself in a lifestyle that demands one's energy and time. A good way of doing this is having 'me time', taking a break from the daily pressures in life.

A common misconception with taking advantage of 'me-time' is that it is selfish. Another is that 'there isn't enough time', or it is seen as lazy to take a break. When you spend all your time filling other people’s cups, it’s likely yours will run empty.

Giving this time to yourself can reduce stress, increase concentration, productivity, and leave you feeling more energized for the day. People who are close to you, or those you work with, will appreciate that you have greater patience and a better ability to concentrate. But be careful that you use your “me” time for leisurely activities. Don’t stress yourself to complete a task.

Simply enjoy the time out.

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