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How To Prioritize Yourself: Balancing Productivity & Self-care

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

In today’s world we often live very hurried lives filled to the brim with little regard for our own needs. Although this may seem noteworthy, we often forget that to love and care for others well, we must first love and care for ourselves.

The first step to adequately care for oneself is to release the guilt that we often feel when we provide self-care. Creating balance in our world requires taking a holistic approach to self-care by addressing the body, mind and spirit. How do we do this?

Happy woman in bathrobe

First, we must provide a space to relax the body whether that be a warm soaking bath, a fragrant candle in our home, or a good book while enjoying a hammock.

Man with hat over face laying in hammock

We refresh our mind by carving out time for things that bring us joy. These things can be as simple as planting flowers, enjoying a craft, or learning a new skill and activity. Renewing our soul through spiritual practice be it meditation, prayer, or worship is also an important part of self-care and balance.

In addition, it is important that we remember not to compare yourself with the “Joneses”. Comparing yourself to others leads to feeling disheartened. There is no one else like you. What lifts and enlightens your neighbor or friend will not necessarily provide you with balance and meet your self-care needs. What you need will be personalized and exclusive to you. Remember you are uniquely and wonderfully made!

Blog post written by Wellness Contributor Dawn Rayburn, EDS, NBCT, LPC for Embrace Candles.

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