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Embrace Candles Specializes in Aromas That Make Your House A Home.

Are you looking to purchase the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one? Do you think gift candles are just about the coolest thing that money can buy? If so, you have found the right place to be. Here at Embrace Candles, we are completely focused on developing the best gift candles and candle gift set that you can buy online. With a focus on natural ingredients and high-quality sources, our aromatherapy candles can be the perfect gift to bridge the gap between self-care and home decor. Don't believe us? Let's dig into the different ways our candle gift set can help!

Buy Candles Online at Embrace Candles!

If you've seen one candle then you've seen them all, right? Not exactly! Not all candles are made the same and for that reason, Embrace Candles is dedicated to setting ourselves apart. We were founded by Sara and Gabe Ledesmas, a power couple that loves empowering others through homemade candles crafted with love and attention to detail. Gabe is the pioneer behind the visual design that makes Embrace what we are while Sara is responsible for all of the wonderful aromatic mixes that you can enjoy on our shop page.

While our focus is always on detail and quality, you'll also be happy to know that our aromatherapy candle gift set can provide actionable benefits to your health and overall wellness. We understand what you are thinking, how can that be possible? How can lighting a candle bring peace, calm, and wholeness to your home?

1) Benefits of Essential Oils - The primary way that you will derive benefits from our candles is through the efficient use of pure essential oils. We craft self-care candles that are meant to attend to a variety of different feelings and conditions. If you want to relax and feel calm after a stressful day, you will enjoy our calming Lavender and Jasmine Meditation Candles. If you want something that will bring you feelings of uplifted mindfulness, perhaps you want something featuring Sweet Orange and Hoya Leaves.

2) A Candle For Every Occasion - What makes our self-care candles so popular is that we put you in a position to succeed. What do we mean by this? Well, our Self-Care Candles are available in customized sets where YOU get to pick what gets included in your bundle. If you have to study for a big test or project at work, consider picking a selection of our Mindfulness and Calming candles. Look through the different options available to ensure that you are getting the right self-care set for your needs.

3) Seasonal Candles Bring Year-Round Joy - Here at Embrace Candles, we hand pour all of our candles every single week. Since we are always working away at our next set of candles, we are constantly bringing new mixes to the market. This means that we always have the latest in seasonal scents for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home. If you want to bring an extra splash of Fall into your kitchen, take a gander at our current seasonal collection. We are particularly fond of our Woodsman and Campfire Mello' scents. Of course, with Halloween around the corner, you might want to get your hands on our Pumpkin Pickin' Candle!

We are currently proudly offering a 15% discount on all orders when new users register on our mailing list, so get shopping to enjoy a discount, today! Embrace Candles was established as an intimate partnership between two romantics. Now dedicated to providing access to the scents they know and love, Embrace Candles wants YOU to buy candles online to enjoy at home.

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