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Enjoy the tranquil bliss found within our Self-Care Collection Gift Set!


Experience the ultimate relaxation journey with two 7 oz candles from our Self-Care Collection. Each candle is a testament to our dedication to crafting intentional scents that elevate your well-being.


Enriched with higher concentrations of essential oils, our Self-Care Collection embodies the art of aromatherapy, blending fragrances designed to align with your intentions and promote a serene atmosphere.


Crafted from our exclusive custom soy wax blend, these 7 oz candles ensure an extended burn time of 50-60 hours each, allowing you to bask in the soothing aromas for prolonged periods. Our blend maximizes scent throw, filling your space with luxurious fragrances that inspire moments of tranquility.


Featuring coreless cotton wicks, these candles produce minimal soot, ensuring a clean and pure burn that maintains air quality while intensifying the aromatic experience.


Presented in our elegant custom slider box, this gift set is the perfect choice for those seeking a sophisticated gift. 


Treat yourself or a loved one to this gift set that encapsulates the essence of intentional relaxation and self-care.


Balance - Honey Blossoms + Echinacea
Breathe - Eucalyptus + Spearmint
Calmness - Jasmine + Lavender
Faith - Frankincense + Myrrh
Forgiveness - Lilly + Roses
Free Spirit - Anise + Orange
Grace - Powder + Vanilla
Gratitude - Hydrangea + Sweat Pea
Meditation - Tonka Bean + Vanilla
Mindfulness - Cucumber Water + Violets
Restoration - Bergamot + Sandalwood
Serenity - Sage + Sandalwood
Sincerity - Iris +Water Lily
Strength - Dragons Blood + Patchouli
Wisdom - Coconut + Mahogany

Self-Care Two Candle Set