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Explore the scents of our Self-Care Candle collection with our 2 oz mini candles.


Exotic 3-pack candles include:

Balance - Honey Blossoms + Echinaccea

Wisdom - Coconut + Mohogany

Strength - Dragons Blood + Patchouli


Floral 3-pack candles include:

Sincerity - Lily + Hyacinth

Forgiveness - Roses + Lily

Gratitude - Hydrangea + Sweat Pea


Zen 3-pack candles include:

Meditation - Tonka Bean + Vanilla

Mindfulness - Violets + Cucumber Water

Breathe - Eucalyptus + Spearmint

Self-Care Mini 3-Pack Set

  • *Please note: Our variety candles are a 2 oz bite-size sample of our full-sized candles. While they have all the same ingredients they will not throw scent nearly the same distance. They are perfect for having nearby while you work in an office or in small spaces like bathrooms. They are also great for that "walk by" effect in the kitchen. They will not radiate in larger rooms.