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Indulge in luxury with our Patron Collection Whiskey Glass Candle Gift Set!


Elevate your gifting game with our exquisite Patron Collection Whiskey Glass Candles, meticulously crafted to enhance your ambiance and evoke pure luxury.


Immerse yourself in the warm glow and rich aromas of these two candles, each boasting an impressive burn time of 40-60 hours! Made from our exclusive custom soy wax blend, these candles promise an extended burn time while maximizing the scent throw, ensuring your space is infused with delightful fragrances for longer periods.


Enhanced with crackling wooden wicks, the sensory experience is elevated to new heights, combining the flickering beauty of the flame with the soothing sound of a crackling fire—perfect for creating an enchanting atmosphere.


Encased within our elegant custom slider box, this gift set exudes sophistication and charm. It is an ideal present for candle lovers who appreciate the finer things in life.


Whether it's a gesture of appreciation, celebration, or simply to indulge in opulent relaxation, our Patron Collection Whiskey Glass Candle Gift Set is the perfect choice.

Patron Two Whiskey Candles Set


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