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Our favorite collection is back! These mini 3oz candles are the perfect size for desk, restroom or vanity. They are also great as a side table accent, just enough to fragrance the space you are in.


NEW FOR 2023: Apple Cider Farmhouse - One of our favorite destinations during fall is the Apple Farm! Stepping into their kitchen where they make all the yummy treats is a delight on the nose. We canned that experience into our Apple Cider Farmhouse candle! Catch notes of Apple, cider, donut, cioonnamon, sugar, vanilla, and a hint of musk to make the fragrance feel like home.



A Perfect Pear - A delicious fragrance, perfected in our version of a fall classic. Our brandied pear is mixed with a bag of our special spices for a fragrance that is great for morning, afternoon, or night!



Autumn Leaves - This aroma is inspired by fresh air and colorful leaves experienced when strolling through a secluded wood during fall. Oak, Birch, and Cedearwood lead an aroma that is light, colorful, and perfect on a fall weather day.


Fireside Mellow - A fabulous way to end a long week is to cozy up to a crackling fire, toasting a few marshmallows. This candle carries a comforting aroma of rich smoldering woods mixed with toasted marshmallows and sweet vanilla cream. 



Pumpkin Pickin - A distinct and very unique pumpkin scent. Blending together rich pumpkin with cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, and warm amber gives this candle a warm and luxurious scent.



Woods Man - Our Woods Man is complicated. We doubt you'd understand him, but you will love how he smells! This is an earthy fragrance that is unforgettable... just like our Woods Man.

Fall Gold Mini Candle