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So Fresh & So Clean

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

When we walk into spaces that smell like citrus we automatically think we are walking into a nice clean area but why is that? In the past, before modern cleaning products came into use cleaning was done with various natural remedies.

The unique acidity of citrus fruits was a key property for deep cleaning.

The acidity in citrus fruits such as lemon was used to dissolve limescale, clean pots and pans, and even to polish furniture. When used, the fruits left behind a fragrant aroma that signaled to all that you had just cleaned your home.

Commercial cleaning products were developed giving people the ability to clean their homes easier. While people were given multiple scents to choose from ranging from floral to fruity, they expected that a clean house would smell like citrus. It is this connection that has given us the idea that a fresh citrus scent means clean.

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