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Perspective of Gratitude

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

‘What are you thankful for?’ A question that is the highlight of this season.

The responses can land anywhere between family, good health, food and shelter. All amazing aspects of life worthy of acknowledgment and recognition. However, if I were asked the very same question today, I would respond from an alternative perspective. I am grateful for the things that did not go as I initially planned for them to go and for the times that I was rejected and told no.

Being shifted and propelled back to square one, tested me in ways that I could never imagine and led me to unforeseen realizations of my potential and capabilities. You see, life is comprised of a revolving series of choices, some choices yield an immediate reward and some choices requiring reexamination.

The choices that required me to return to the drawing board, pushed me to uncover the best side of myself.

A side that revealed hidden treasures in the form of strength and endurance. Hearing the word ‘no’ can not only be deafening to the whispers of ‘try again’ but immobilizing if one chooses to indulge. Honestly, I have found myself prisoner to the chains of rejection and was only able to break free after I challenged myself to try a different point of view, and lead with endless possibilities. A new view empowered me to move forward in enlightenment. The summation of this sentiment is gratitude. A gratefulness that extends beyond what could have been but never was into what and how the journey is traveled and conquered.

Blog Post Written by Wellness Contributor Keirra Goggins, BA (Psych.) Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

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