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'Oh to be Free'

Hey you! Yes, you. Do me a favor, give yourself permission to live. In doing so, you simultaneously activate the sugar, spice, and everything nice that life can offer you.


This is not to say there will not be obstacles, detours or even setbacks, but it is all about perspective and perspective begins from an uninhibited, self-defined place of sound judgment, truth, purpose, and most importantly freedom. Often, we fail to realize that we restrict ourselves at even the slightest appearance of the unknown before we even consider releasing ourselves to the unforeseen wonders of life’s journey. We quite literally empower an otherwise powerless facet of our lives because we resist engaging in the realm of possibilities and ultimately conform to a mold that was not designed to accommodate us.

The only thing that could possibly come from a life of stifled potential and shackled self-expression is unfulfillment.

It’s almost like you’re walking through life in someone else’s shoes that are too big or too small, causing you to stumble or complain of discomfort; and out of place; living a life that was not suited for you in the first place. To live free, is to live in the acceptance of self in mind, body, and spirit; waking up daily and being content in knowing that you chose and continue to choose you above all else and everyone else. Also, reminding yourself whenever you need to, that standing out and set apart is your destiny to discover, and manifest and it is by no one’s doing but your own.

Blog Post Written by Wellness Contributor Keirra Goggins, BA (Psych.)

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