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Finding Your Inner Strength

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Do you often use the phrase, “I’m at my breaking point”? I know that I have said it many times. In my personal experience any circumstance that was unfamiliar, challenging, or seemed too stressful made me think that I could not accomplish the task. Therefore, I just quit in defeat often without even trying to my fullest potential because I viewed it as impossible for me to do. Faced with the unfamiliar my self-doubt reared its head, my thoughts racing rapidly about my worthiness.

Paralyzed to any sensible recourse but managing to devise a plan to do nothing; without even considering if I had the ability to tackle this ‘giant’. A giant that is new, assumingly uncontrollable, and then there is me, with my inexperience and all-consuming doubt and belief that I could not possibly measure up to this Goliath whom I am now facing. Then one day, I confronted myself; an internal interrogation to gather the facts in my case. How am I able to define a breaking point about something brand new? How do I know I cannot do something that I have never tried to do? What truly convinces me that difficulties qualify for the consideration of waving our white flag? Why am I counting myself out, before I count myself in? What if I am strong enough for this?

Strength is a choice. It is a battle with one's self that will be never-ending until you redeem the power that you prematurely gave to fear. Strength is forged in a moment of selfishness when thinking of yourself renders one of the most impactful outcomes to garnish your life. Consider what you can do and what you have already done and accomplished.

Often, too much emphasis is placed with what we feel we lack instead of what we could gain if we wagered in favor of ourselves before renouncing our potential.

Think of it as a workout. When you go to workout a muscle that has never been utilized, there will be effects felt. There is discomfort and soreness and even weakness. However, consistency of the workout begins to combat those effects. Your muscles began to develop a memory of how to react and maintain when encountering opposition and the effects become less and less until they are no more. Your body is now prepared to withstand the work out and you reap the benefits of not only stepping into the ring but staying in the ring even with resistance.

The magnitude, intensity and reach of your strength can only be found when tried. It’s as if your capacity to handle and cope with obstacles can only be recognized once they are activated by resistance and difficulty. Untapped power awaits strength, try and trust the process.

Blog Post Written by Wellness Contributor Keirra Goggins, BA (Psych.)

Photos by Kat Jayne and Karl Solano from Pexels

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