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Finding My Serenity

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

After coming face to face with the possibility of a Covid-19 exposure and realizing I needed to practice some mindfulness to regain my calm and claim some daily joy, what did I do? How do you practice this thing called Mindfulness anyway?

First, I found a place that I know I enjoy and could get comfortable to relax. For me, this is my back porch in my rocker with a cool drink. For others this is a bathtub, a private space with a candle, or a walk in nature. The practice of mindfulness doesn’t take much time; setting aside 10 minutes can do the trick for most.

Begin to focus on your breathing; close your eyes if you can and become aware of the sensation of air moving in and out of your body. As the air enters your nose, become aware of the rise and fall of your chest and your belly as you breathe deeply. It can also help to constrict and relax your muscles one muscle group at a time starting with your feet, legs, arms to assist you in releasing tension. Even while I did this to relax, my mind would wander to my concerns and worries. I acknowledged them without reprimanding myself, but would bring myself back to the moment and become aware of all my senses. The focus on my breathing; the sounds of the birds, the wind on my face which helped keep me in the moment.

This practice began to help calm and recenter me. As I went through the next several day while waiting for results, I would try even during daily activities to refocus on the current moment by taking a minute to focus on one of my senses whether that was taking a deep breath, becoming aware of the scent in the air, or the sun on my skin. This helped me to stay focused and not begin to be filled with worry.

Blog post written by Wellness Contributor Dawn Rayburn, EDS, NBCT, LPC for Embrace Candles.

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